Debt Lawyer: Top 4 Reasons to Seek Help


Millions of consumers feel threatened every year by collection calls.  A debt attorney is best qualified to help you understand and protect your rights so you can fight back against harassing debt collectors in and out of court.

That is to say, debt lawyers protect consumer rights against unfair collection practices.

There are 6,000+ debt collection agencies in the  U.S. with an estimated revenue of $12.2 billion in yearly earnings.

With so much money at stake, collection agencies are resorting to very aggressive collections tactics -some even breaking the law- hence the importance of a debt attorney.

4 Common reasons to hire a debt attorney.

  1. Phone Harassment. If you are receiving calls non stop at home and/or at work and can’t stop them with a simple “do not call me” request it might be time to resort to an attorney. An attorney will explain your rights and help you fight back creditors.
  2. You’ve been summoned. A creditor is sending you threatening collection notices or has filed suit. A debt attorney wil review your documents, establish if it’s a real threat and act accordingly.
  3. A debt collector treats you in a way you feel is abusive. If a collector has used obscene language or repeatedly use the phone to annoy you then it is time to speak with an attorney.
  4. A collection agency has repossessed your car, garnished your wages or put a lien on your property.  A qualified lawyer will help you sort out the situation quickly.

Can a debt lawyer really help my case?

Yes, a debt lawyer would be very beneficial if a creditor sues you.  In fact, creditors will file lawsuits with little to no evidence of a valid debt and win by default if you don’t appear in court or send a qualified lawyer.

The wrong lawyer or no lawyer could result in wasted time and a judgment against you. The only way to fight back creditors effectively is through qualified legal representation.

As a consumer in a courtroom, you will benefit from having a debt lawyer in your corner. You will be treated respectfully, but above all the lawyer can make a strong case and turn the odds in your favor.

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